Regional team visits Maldives

Regional Scout Committee Vice-Chairman Mohammed Ali Khalid along with members Fazlur Rahman, Prakorb Mukura and Dr Mohammed Mukhyuddin completed another successful Committee NSO Visit in Maldives from 10th to 12th May 2009.


The regional team, assisted by Regional Director Abdullah Rasheed and APR Director for Adult Resources Thian Hiong Boon, worked with the top Scout leaders of Maldives to review the association's key performance areas. Presently, Maldives has over 10,000 Scouts who enjoy much support from government and parents, and has one of the highest of density of Scout members in the region. The regional team appreciated the diverse range of Scouting activities in the islands and the active participation of young Maldivians in Scouting events overseas.

At the conclusion of the meeting, a set of actions were agreed upon, highlighting an intense discussion on constitution, POR, youth programme and training schemes.


During the dialogue with the young people, some issues raised were revitalizing the Rovers section, introduction of the World Environment Badge, Scouts of the World Programme and making youth programme more active. In this lively discussion, young people articulated their experiences and gratefulness on how Scouting is becoming an essential dimension in their young lives. They felt that there is so much to do in the country especially letting public and parents know what Scouting can do for young people and their communities.

Chief Commissioner Ahmed Ali Maniku expressed the association's appreciation to the regional team for their keen interest to improve the development of Scouting in Maldives. He assured them of a consistent implementation of important steps agreed to be undertaken.


Maldives is the ninth country visit since the CNV was introduced in March 2008.


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