Eco adventure tour

How have the Alps evolved?

How do seeds develop into a grown up tree?

These are a few questions that were asked to all participants of the SCENES seminar on their eco-adventure tour. However, many of them are already involved in environment education, so they have the answers to these questions and have seen and developed some good examples of how to set up 『Scout-like』 educational activities. During the hike, there were also a few interesting discussions started about keeping the SCENES Network alive. All of them believe that SCENES is the future network of 『sustainable Scouting』.

While looking at some rocks, they saw an avalanche in the mountain which made them aware that nature is really fascinating to see. During the way back to KISC, they thought they heard some music playing in the Alps. Perhaps these were the forest fairy tales...?

There is still one big question remaining for the participants: how will their centre becomes a SCENES centre? This question was playing with participants minds all nights. After 45 minutes, everyone agreed that each of the NSOs represented has to be convinced of the importance of having a SCENES centre in each country. It』s Scouting』 mission to educate young people about the environment.

「the study of nature is the key element of Scouting and Guiding」 Quote of Baden – Powell



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