SCENES Guidelines launched

World Scouting is pleased to announce the launch of new SCENES Guidelines for Scout Centres of Excellence for Nature and Environment as part of the World Scout Environment Programme.

"Scout Centres of Excellence for Nature and the Environment are outstanding examples of Scouting's ongoing commitment to the environment, through protecting natural areas, engaging Scouts through fun and interesting environmental education programmes and demonstrating continuous improvements in environmental management practices. I commend these Scout Centres for their example to Scouting and the wider community of how Scouts can make a positive contribution to the environment.

I would like to encourage our National Scout Organizations to read the SCENES Guidelines and consider if there are potential new SCENES Centres that can be established," recommended Luc Panissod, Secretary General of the World Organization of the Scout Movement.

SCENES Centres have three Key Requirements (and sub-requirements) that must be fulfilled to be considered as a SCENES Centre. The centre must:

  1. have a natural area
  2. provide environmental education
  3. practice environmental management

These three requirements are complimentary and combine to ensure that a SCENES centre has a strong environment focused foundation that has a positive influence on all its operations. Cooperation and support at the local, national and world level is integral to the optimal functioning of SCENES. SCENES is a worldwide initiative of WOSM that is adopted by NSOs and delivered at a local level through Scout centres. A complete list of requirements and the process for becoming a SCENES centre are available from the SCENES Guidelines.

To open the Guidelines, click here.

More Information :

SCENES Centres are supported through the SCENES Network and offers a space for Scouts interested to learn more about SCENES or to share their environmental education and management activities. Registration is available from:

For more information on the current SCENES Centres around the world, please see:

For further inquiries regarding SCENES, please contact Rod Abson of the World Scout Bureau at:



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