Regional team meets with Mongolia's key leaders for Committee NSO Visit

The “Committee NSO Visit” (CNV) is the third of a series of activities happening in Mongolia from 17th to 19th June 2009 at the capital, Ulaanbaatar.

The CNV works as a small team to assist national Scout organizations in reviewing and delivering methods to continually improve quality Scouting.

For this visit, the CNV team was comprised of Regional Scout Committee member John Ravenhall, Scouting Profile Chairman Shree Ram Lamichhane, Regional Director Abdullah Rasheed and Director Syd Castillo, who met with the key leaders of the Scout Association of Mongolia (SAM) represented by Chief Commissioner Erdenejamiyan Erdenebileg, International Commissioner Adyiabold Namkhai, Executive Director Bayarjargal Damdindagva, National Training Commissioner Delgermaa Tsedsuren and National Rover Commissioner Ankhbayar Purevsuren.

The regional team reviewed the progress of SAM in the areas of constitution, mission and vision, management, youth program, adult resources, relationships and communications, resources and research development, using the eight key performance indicators, which is the standard criteria being used in every CNV.

At the second day of the visit, the team spent some time with young people and had a dynamic dialogue with them.

After a thorough assessment on SAM's performance, CNV concluded that it is doing well as a Scout organization having been a WOSM member only in 1994. At the end of the meeting, a recommendation paper was signed showing SAM's commitment to implement high quality Scouting in Mongolia and for the regional office to continue supporting SAM until it becomes an “ideal” national Scout organization.


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