Sri Lanka holds 9th National Course for Assistant Leader Trainers

A total of 49 participants from 22 Scout districts in Sri Lanka successfully completed the 9th National Course for Assistant Leader Trainers at the MAS Institute of Management and Technology in Thulhiriya, Sri Lanka from 8th to 14th June 2009.

The National Training Team of Sri Lanka Scouts Association (SLSA) was assisted by overseas team comprised of Dr Cyrus Wadia, Dr B D Sharma, both from India, and Director Thian Hiong Boon from the regional office.

The course is the first stage of Training of Trainers which elaborated on the aspect of managing training courses and developing skills of adults in Scouting. They will be appointed as Assistant Leader Trainers upon completion of 6 assignments as per training requirements of SLSA.

SLSA President Prof Nimal de Silva inaugurated the opening ceremony and Chief Commissioner Chandrasena Batuwangala visited the course.

On the last day of the course, an international night was held with the theme of Unity of South Asian countries where participants joyfully showcased the different cultures of SAARC countries through songs, skids and dance.


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