Mongolia makes a solid step forward

The Scout Association of Mongolia (SAM) has taken a step forward by organizing the National Youth Programme Review Seminar from 12th to 15th June 2009 at the Nars Youth Centre, about 25 km west of Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia.

At the scenic slopes of Songinkhairkhan District where the venue is located, a total of 25 Scout Leaders, mostly young adults, gathered and altogether learned the process of reviewing and developing a youth programme, tackling the needs and expectations of young people in their localities.

The seminar shows the seriousness of the Scout Association of Mongolia (SAM) to make its youth programme in tune with the needs of young people nowadays. This is also in line with the conclusions of the national strategic review held in 2008.

As regional support, APR Scout Committee member John Ravenhall and Director Syd Castillo served as input speakers. Regional Director Abdullah Rasheed also came to support the event.

Workshop Director Sereeter Khuyagochir was joined by SAM's key leaders comprised of Chief Commissioner Erdenebileg Erdenejamiyan, Executive Director Bayarjargal Damdindagva, National Training Commissioner Delgermaa Tsendsuren and National Rover Commissioner Ankhbayar Purevsurend.


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