Forum Documents

Documentation for the 11th World Scout Youth Forum is available here in PDF or DOC format.




.doc files .pdf files
Form #1 Amendments.doc Form #1 Amendments.pdf
Form #2 OpenForum.doc Form #2 OpenForum.pdf
Form #3 Workshops.doc Form #3 Workshops.pdf
Form #4 Exhibition.doc Form #4 Exhibition.pdf
Form #5 Recommendation.doc Form #5 Recommendation.pdf
Form #6 Emergency form.doc Form #6Emergency form.pdf
Form #7 Leave at home card.doc Form #7 Leave at home card.pdf

Resource material

Document 1 - Revised Agenda
Document 6A - The Evaluation of the Strategy for Scouting
Document 6B - The proposal for a new approach to the strategy
Document 12A - Amendments to the Constitution of WOSM proposed by the World Scout Committee
Document 12B - Amendments to the Constitution of WOSM proposed by National Scout Organizations
Document 12C - Voting on Constitutional Amendments
Document 13 - Governance
Document 14 - Youth Involvement in Decision Making
Governance Review Task Force
GRTF final report to WSC
WSC consideration of Governance Review Task Force report

Regional Reports

Africa Region 606.07 kB
Arab Region 532.96 kB
Eurasia Region 534.13 kB
European Region 530.66 kB

Call for nominations for Youth Advisors


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