Curitiba prepares to Host the World Conference

Curitiba, February 4, 2010 – A delegation of the World Scout Committee and the World Scout Bureau arrived in Curitiba, Brazil on February 1st to meet the 39th World Scout Conference organizing Committee. John Neysmith, Member of the World Scout Committee, Luc Panissod Secretary General of WOSM and members of the delegation visited the the totality of the sites that will host the delegates of the 160 National Scout Organization, in January 2011.

For the comfort of the participants and to assure the quality of the meeting, Paulo Salamuni, President of the Organizing Committee and his team have chosen locations that symbolise the economic and cultural boom of the capital of the state of Paraná. The convention center "Estaçao Embratel" will be the main location of the conference. Participants will be able to lodge in hotels only a short distance away from the center or a few bus stops away.

Oscar Palmquist, member of the World Scout Committee, a Curitiba native, and Jose Maria Silva are facilitating the meeting with the volunteers and professionals of the Brazilian Scout Union. For months now, teams of experts have been recruited to systematically tackle all eventual obstacles that may arise, so as to ensure the successful planning of the conference.



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