World Scout Comittee Election Results

Today the World Scout Conference elected six new members for the World Scout Committee. These members will replace the outgoing members who will finish their term at the end of the 39th Conference.


Ms. Karin Ahlbäck, Finland                                   Mr. Abdullah Alfahad, Saudi Arabia



Mr. João Gonçalves, Portugal                                               Mr. Marcel Ledjou, Côte d'Ivoire


Mrs. Mari Nakano, Japan                                                        Mr. Daniel Ownby, USA

The outgoing members of the committee are :
Mr. William F (Rick) Cronk , Chairperson
Mr. Mario Díaz Martinez, Vice-Chairperson
Mrs. Thérèse Bermingham, Member
Mr. Georges El Ghorayeb, Member
Mr. Nkwenkwe Nkomo, Member
Mr. Gualtiero Zanolini, Member

The World Organization of the Scout Movement congratulates the newly elected members of the World Scout Committee and wishes them a fruitful term in office and also thanks the outgoing members of the World Committee for their dedication and service in guiding the Movement as they end their terms at the end of this Conference.





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