Wood Badge
For the beads, or for the boys?

Have you caught the Wood Badge feeling?
Scouting spirit's in the air.
Like woodsmoke rising from a campfire,
You can see it everywhere.

It means more than a badge of wood
That's hanging on a lace;
For your Scouts lives are in your care,
And you must set the pace.

Will you seek to serve our brotherhood
With your minds and with your hands?
A ticket's more than just a good road map
To Gilwell -- it's your plan!

Can you teach and inspire, lead and give
With a friendly and gentle way?
For the men of tomorrow need guidance now
As the youth in our troops today.

Did the course give you a renewed outlook
And motivate you to 'do your best?'
The days and the years ahead will prove
If you've truly met the test.

So, work your ticket, with all of your might,
And the reward is yours to enjoy.
Not beads of wood . . . but the Good Lord saying
You've been "important in the life of a boy." *

Stanley M. Latta
Bowtied Bobwhites
-- Gentlemen of Wood Badge and Scouting
SE-583 - October 1992
* exerpt from a Scouting quotation by Forest Witcraft


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