Misaershaff newest SCENES Centre in Luxembourg

The Misaershaff Youth Training Centre has been designated the newest SCENES Centre (Scout Centre of Excellence for Nature and Environment) having met all of the key requirements for a SCENES Centre.

This old farm, built in 1833, is situated along the river banks of the Haute-Sûre. It has been the FNEL's (Fédération Nationale des Éclaireurs et Éclaireuses du Luxembourg) national training centre since 2003. Offering a variety of environmental education programmes, demonstrated environmental management practices and picturesque natural settings to explore, Misaershaff is a great location to experience the natural wonders of the environment.

For more information on Misaershaff and the other SCENES Centres please see the SCENES Section of the World Scouting Website: www.scout.org/scenes




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