First Scouts of the World Award Discovery in Greece

The first Scout of the World Discovery took place at St. Andrew Scout Centre in Athens on the 13-15 November 2009 and was organized by the Scouts of Greece (Soma Hellinon Proskopon). Thirteen (13) young leaders and members of Scout Networks from all around Greece participated. The issue that was explored during the Discovery was 「Refugees」. The participants had a chance to meet refugees and their children, discuss with lawyers dealing with the subject, psychologists, social workers, representatives from the police authorities and members of various NGOs (Non Governmental Organisations).

The three day discovery included a visit to a refugee camp in Attica with the cooperation of the Red Cross, a visit to a Sunday school where volunteer teachers teach the Greek language to adult refugees and participation to a festival for 2nd generation refugees. The three day exploration developed a feeling of commitment towards the issue, a vision for continuing their volunteer work and continuing Scout of the World in Greece.

The Scouts of the World Discovery is an adventure lasting several days, organised with a focus on environment, development or peace. The Scouts of the World Award is granted to young people having successfully accomplished a 「Scouts of the World Discovery」 and a 「Scouts of the World Voluntary Service」.

The Scouts of the World Award (SW Award) was launched in order to encourage a stronger involvement of young adults in the development of society by making them more aware of the present world issues and to help National Scout Organizations revitalise the programme of Rover Scout section. It is open to everyone between the ages of 15 and 26 years, regardless of ability, race, faith or location. It prepares young people for global citizenship focusing on three core-themes: Peace, Environment, and Development. It helps young people gain understanding, skills and knowledge, for life on a small planet.

It attracts, empowers and engages youth in actions of world importance. This action is based upon universal values - freedom, tolerance, equality, respect for nature and shared responsibility - respected in any culture and enshrined in the UN's Millennium Declaration. Scouting has promoted these same values for over 100 years.

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