APR Workshop for Correspondents

22-25 June 2012
Manila, Philippines



For decades, the Asia-Pacific Region thrived in sharing news and stories on a regular basis through the support of “Honorary Correspondents”. For the first time, APR is giving an opportunity for Honorary Correspondents to meet and share strategies on how to set and sustain communication standards for NSOs in a global context.

Aim of the Workshop
Offer an opportunity for Honorary Correspondents to enhance their journalistic skills and share strategies on how to reflect the mission and vision of the Scout Movement.

1. To set communication standards for NSO Correspondents in a global context
2. To share strategies for editorial planning, story telling, and using images
3. To learn about communication styles for the new media

This workshop expects to gather 50 participants, in particular, the appointed Honorary Correspondents of NSOs, and coordinators of Messengers of Peace (who are required to prepare reports and stories of their MoP projects). Young Correspondents, Young Spokespersons and persons responsible for their NSO publications are also invited.

Registration Fee 
US$100 per participant to cover inland transportation, food (from 21st June dinner and 26th breakfast), accommodation (for 5 nights) in twin sharing rooms, workshop materials and educational tour.

General Info 22.22 kB


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