A book and a video game – two exciting products on Scouting launched in recent weeks

World Scouting is happy to present two very exciting products related to Scouting which have been launched in recent weeks. A well-known personality in World Scouting, Dr. Eduard Vallory (Spain) has published his book ‘World Scouting – Educating for Global Citizenship’. The book has evoked a tremendous response from personalities such as members of the World Scout Committee and former Secretary Generals of WOSM alike. The Scout Association of UK has launched an exciting Scout Game App for mobile phones called the Scouts Secret Island Adventure. The adventure video game, which also features their Chief Scout and celebrity adventurer Bear Grylls, is available for Apple and Android devices.

Written in a very exciting style that will make you want to keep reading till the end, this book explains the main findings of a prior academic research on World Scouting that was accomplished earlier by the same author as part of his doctoral research. Using new data and a storytelling technique, the current work revisits how Scouting started, showing its informal launching and its historical evolution throughout the twentieth century. The book analyzes Scouting's structure and recognition policy, its role in developing ideas of global citizenship and belonging, and the spirit of Scouting.


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The Scouts Secret Island Adventure (Scouts SIA) is an epic adventure video game for Apple and Android devices (mobile phones). The all action game showcases the best of Scouting skills and activities and includes three arcade style mini-games: hang-gliding, mountain boarding and kayaking.


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