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New World Scout Committee meets for first time in Geneva, Switzerland

From the 25th-27th March, the new World Scout Committee will be meeting for the first time, since six new members (out of the twelve voting members) were elected during the World Scout Conference in Brazil.

The meeting will be the opportunity for the new members to be inducted in their function, as well as present them the opportunity to meet the professional staff of the World Scout Bureau. Some of the agenda items that will be discussed, include the key priority areas, proposed organization structure and composition of sub-structure groups for the next triennium (2011-2014).

The World Scout Committee is the executive body of the World Organization of the Scout Movement. It is responsible for the implementation of the resolutions of the World Scout Conference and for acting on its behalf between its meetings.

The Committee is composed of the following members:

Voting members

  • Twelve elected members, each from a different country. They are elected by the World Scout Conference by secret ballot, for a three-year term (eligible for re-election for one additional term).

Ex-officio non-voting members

  • The Secretary General of the World Organization
  • The Treasurer, who is appointed by the World Scout Committee
  • The Chairperson or Vice-Chairperson of each duly elected Regional Scout Committee
  • A member of the Board of the World Scout Foundation
Swedes present WSJ progress WSC Meeting


Full World Scout Committee & the Youth Advisors


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