Lights off at the World Scout Bureau

Sunday, 27th March – Geneva, Switzerland

The lights at the World Scout Bureau were all switched off Saturday night – March 26th, as people gathered around candlelight. However, the ambient darkness was not the consequence of a power failure. Indeed, it was in fact time for Earth Hour, the world’s largest climate change initiative.

The World Scout Committee members and youth advisers, who have been gathered this week-end for the first meeting since the World Scout Conference, came together in celebration and contemplation of the one thing we all have in common – our planet.

During the hour, participants reflected on the future of our planet and steps to take to combat climate change. Unlike previous editions of Earth Hour, WWF invites us to “Go Beyond the Hour”, by committing to concrete actions that everyone can take in order to make our world a better place.

Share your stories

What did you do during Earth Hour? What actions will you undertake to go beyond the hour?
Please share your stories and photos and send them to us at:

What can you do beyond the hour?

Anyone can take simple actions, which can have a huge impact. For example, other participants have pledged to do the following:

  • Live trash free for a year
  • Stop using plastic bags for shopping and taking a cloth bag instead
  • Plant trees
  • Commute to work by bike or by bus
  • Implement a paperless working environment
  • Stop wasting water
  • Pick up litter/rubbish while on walks in the countryside
  • Sell my car on Earth Day
  • And many others….

Are YOU inspired?

For more information about Earth Hour and what you can do beyond the hour, please visit the following links:


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