Growth at the center of talks at the World Bureau

Geneva, 9th March 2010 – A working group on issues related to the growth of the Scout Movement, is being held at the World Scout Bureau since Monday. This meeting brings together the professional staff of the World and Regional Bureaus who are in tasked to assess this question as promoters of Growth.

The results expected are a better understanding of the concept of Growth as well as the method, the tools and services that are being made available to National Scout Organizations to implement their own strategies.

After having made a progress assessment in each of the regions, the participants have already began to work on a simplified approach to present the benefits of a Growth strategy. This approach aims to better understand, the educational 「product」of the Scout Movement through the revitalization of the Scout Method, a better comprehension of the wants and needs of the young, identified as the primary 「clients」 of the Movement.

Tomorrow, they will tackle the role of Scout leaders who constitute the 「sales power」 of Scouting. By the end of the week, the present Bureau members will make an inventory of membership models and participation in the Movement as well as services that should correspond to them.

You will be able to follow the progress of the talks on



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