Hsinchu city citizens against genetically modified farming and foods. Experiments, testing, related to genetically modified cultivation are unacceptable in Hsinchu city. The mayor of Hsinchu city emphasized the important role of producing crops from land to tables should be paid more attention to agricultural safety. The demands on genetically modified materials should be less for supplying school lunches in elementary and junior high schools. Hsinchu City Sunfun scouts group led a project and took the action of planting trees in a self-sufficient farm called “Chien-Chia CSA farm” combining with the concepts of the World Water Day in 2014. In this campaign, scouts learned how planting trees help the earth to reduce the carbon dioxide; scouts also realized how organically growth crops are produced in the farm. In this year, Hsinchu City Sunfun scouts group will hold World Water Day and tree planting campaign on March 22, 2015. Planting native trees of Taiwan is the top priority conducted in this activity. To make contributions to the earth by taking this trees planting action.



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