Jim Sharp concludes successful management review meeting

The three-day Asia-Pacific Regional Management Meeting from 26th to 28th May 2009 concluded that the review gives a bigger picture of how the region works for the overall organizational goals.

APR executives were joined by Jim Sharp, Executive Director, WOSM General Management, and Regional Scout Committee Chairman Jejomar Binay who said in his opening remarks “ I am happy to be part again of this corporate planning where significant matters are appraised in a comprehensive way.”

Regional Treasurer Dr Renato Paras presented the regional operational budget for the coming year while Regional Scout Committee member Oh Sang Gyoon joined the discussion in consolidating the volunteers involvement in the review and planning exercise of the regional office.

Among the many subjects on the management meeting's agenda were the review of the past year's work, the extent of support given to the national Scout organizations, constitutional and administrative matters, and review of forthcoming major regional events planning.

This gathering of executives and volunteers both from the world and regional levels is a strategic thinking exercise held once a year in all the six regions where major review and decisions both in the area of administration and operation of Scouting are made. It is also a way of aligning the work undertaken by the World Scout Bureau in Manila against the global work done in Geneva.


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