The Boy Scouts of the Philippines have grown their own seedlings that will be planted for World Environment Day.


Scouts plant 65,000 trees with UNEP for World Environment Day

5th June 2009. On World Environment Day, Scouts have again demonstrated their commitment to working together to take positive action for the environment. The World Organization of the Scout Movement (WOSM) have partnered with the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) to encourage Scouts to take action in their local community.

UNEP have provided support to WOSM with a grant of $US100,000 that is being used to plant more than 65,000 trees spread across 10 National Scout Organizations to celebrate World Environment Day. Scouts will plant and continue to nurture these trees so that they can have an ongoing benefit for the environment. Participating countries include Mexico, the Philippines, Malaysia, Australia, India, Brazil, Hungary, Ethiopia, South Africa and Lebanon.

Under the banner: 'Your Planet Needs You! - UNite to combat climate change', World Environment Day for 2009 is officially being hosted by Mexico, with the Mexican Scouts being involved in a variety of activities to celebrate the day. The Scouts will be planting trees, holding environmental workshops, engaging in discussions with government and other youth organisations to share how to be more proactive with tackling climate change.

More Information:

The UNEP Tunza Youth Magazine for World Environment Day has been launched as a useful resource for young people to share and learn from each other about the environment. It can be downloaded here.
Please share your World Environment Day activities by registering on the World Environment Day website.

Are your Scouts involved in World Environment Day activities? Please share your stories with the World Scout Bureau by emailing Rod Abson.

Scouts in Guyana celebrating World Environment Day 2009


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