andersteg: new accommodation building opened on May 30

On Saturday 30th of May 2009 the Kander-Lodge, the new accommodation building, was opened by Mark Knippenberg, the KISC Director, together with KISC-staff from all Scout Regions in the World.

There where speeches from Marc Lombard, president of the Foundation, Thijs Stoffer, president of the Association and Luc Panissod, Secretary General of the World Organisation of the Scout movement (WOSM) who said "For World Scouting, Kandersteg is a laboratory, a permanent think tank as well as a permanent jamboree. It is important that we follow up in this relationship which is so natural... and we have to make it vital, as the energy brought by the place brings so much to the Movement".

In a message to the attendees, Chairman Rick Cronk stated : "No doubt that these new facilities will provide even greater opportunities for more young people to enjoy the beauty of Scouting".

Kandersteg International Scout Centre, situated in the Swiss Alps, is open to groups and individuals throughout the year. Around 11,000 young people visit the Centre each year from over40 different countries, ensuring a unique international atmosphere.

The new building is located opposite the main Chalet, with the Kander river running between them. The accommodation is of a higher standard to the Chalet. There are 18 twin bedrooms, with per two rooms a shared bathroom, one en-suite twin room and one room with 6 beds and its own bathroom. Other facilities will include a kitchen / eating space / lounge area and a fully equipped meeting room.

The Kander-Lodge is suitable for:

  • Families, where two bedrooms and a bathroom can be booked together
  • Leaders with a wish for a slightly higher standard of accommodation
  • Groups in general (while other groups or individuals use other rooms in the Kander Lodge)
  • Seminars / conference, as the building will have a dedicated meeting room and a part of the ground floor can be used as conference hall (basic)

During the opening ceremony Luc Panissod had the pleasure of getting the first numbered issue of the KISC History book. This is the first time the history of KISC over the last 86 years has been captured in a book, it is also a promise for the future, to continue Lord Baden Powell’s dream of a Permanent Mini Jamboree. The book is for sale via the KISC Website


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