Dynamic Scouting in Korea

「Preparing for the CNV has been a rare opportunity to synchronize our reports. We took a closer look at every department of the organization as part of an integrated whole」, said Hong Seung-Soo, Secretary General of KSA. Dr Young Joong Kang, President of KSA welcomed the Committee NSO Visit (CNV) team and encouraged a high level of sharing and transparency for CNV Korea which was held from 11th to 13th March.

The CNV team, headed by Prakorb Mukura, was clearly impressed with the preparations and delivery of reports. They commended the good management of the organization, particularly its healthy financial situation as they shared practical applications of strategic planning, youth program development, adult support, partnerships and communications, research and development.

One interesting highlight of the visit was the traditional tribute to a female Scout who earned the Tiger Scout Award. A large group of the Scouting community attended the recognition ceremony including parents, Scout leaders, and from the troop where she belongs.

The usual dialogue with the young people was very beneficial to both sides as the young people expressed their opinions related to Scouting.

To conclude the visit, team members signed the conclusions and recommendations of the meeting. Signatories from the KSA were Simon Hang Bock Rhee, Vice President; Bock Hyun Jung, Chief Commissioner; Dr Eugene Gui Kim, International Commissioner; Danny Hong Seung Soo, Secretary General. From the Regional Committee were Prakorb Mukura, Vice-Chairman; Dr Mohammed Mukhyuddin, Vice-Chairman; Nicholas Tang, member; Sang Ho Shim, member; and Abdullah Rasheed, Regional Director.



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