Malaysia hosts the 1st APR Chief Scout Executives Meet

25th October 2009, Kuala Lumpur - Recognizing the importance of the role of the Chief Scout Executives on the growth of National Scout Organizations (NSOs), the World Scout Bureau/Asia-Pacific Region organized the very first Asia-Pacific Region Chief Scout Executives Meet on 25th October 2009 at Hilton-Kuala Lumpur.

This international gathering of Chief Scout Executives was hosted by Persekutuan Pengakap Malaysia (PPM) with 12 participants from Australia, Bangladesh, India, Indonesia, Japan, Korea, Malaysia, Nepal, Pakistan, Philippines, Singapore and Thailand.

The meet aims to identify major challenges faced by chief executives of NSOs in the Asia-Pacific Region and to establish a network among them where they can share professional and technical expertise.

Resource speaker was Dr Peter Chee, CEO of the Malaysian Institute of Training and Development (ITD) and renowned author and speaker who gave a highly inspiring two-hour talk on success principles.

World Scout Committee Vice-Chairman Simon Hang Bock Rhee gave the opening remarks in the presence of World Organization Scout Movement (WOSM) Secretary General Luc Panissod, Regional Scout Committee Chairman Jejomar C Binay, Vice-Chairman Mohammed Ali Khalid and member Dr Mohammed Mukhyuddin bin Sarwani.

Chairman Binay expressed his confidence that the gathering will motivate the participants to have strengthened relationship and their learning could make them better implementators and innovators. He added that in working together, it makes things done better and the Scout organization moves forward. Luc Panissod also shared his thoughts and emphasized that the good relationship between professionals and volunteers is an essential agent in making the Scout organization strong and solid.

Committee members who helped in facilitating the workshops were APR Management Sub-Committee Vice-Chairman Mari Nakano (Japan) together with members Haji Radzwan (Malaysia), Emma Barker (Australia) and Berthold Sinaulan (Indonesia).

Representing the regional office were Regional Director Abdullah Rasheed and Director S Prassanna Shrivastava.



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