Training System Tools

The Region strives to collect experiences from national Scout associations and examples of the outcomes from use of the Toolkit. Only then will the Toolkit will be complete and serve the purpose to benefit all associations. Any tool that has proven effective in the work of a national Scout association will be welcome as addition to the Toolkit. The Region will make any effort to collect many tools and make them available, in their original form and translated for easier use. We anticipate a wide variety of tools made available to share the wide experiences of associations throughout the Region.

Members of the Training Systems Working Group collected and processed different materials identified in contacts with the national Scout associations or from other sources:

Using the right training method

Motivating the adult learner

Matrix of competencies

Example of a matrix of competencies

Trainer's evaluation form

Questions to trainers after a training session

How to design a training experience

Prior Learning and Experience form


As part of the Long-Term Capacity Building Project in Eastern and Central Europe, which was an initiative supported by all Guide and Scout associations in Denmark, Sojuz na Izvidnici na Makedonia - FYRO Macedonia developed the Model for the Forum for Development and Revision of a Training System. The purpose of this tool is to plan and implement an event starting the process of developing or renewing a training system. The tool contains:

  • A list of actions to be carried out before the forum
  • Trainer's notes for all sessions
  • Steps in setting the framework for a new training system
  • Checklists

To download the Tool, please follow the link

More tools from this Project you can find on WOSM European Region and WAGGGS Europe Region website



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