First Scouts of the World Award Discovery in Hong Kong

The very first Scouts of the World Discovery in Hong Kong took place in June 2009, with Rover Scouts from all across Hong Kong willing to face our common global challenges in the field of sustainable development.

For young people living in big cities, urban poverty, food and equal opportunity among races, which are common topics of TV current affairs programme, seem to be clichés and may be no longer appealing to them. The first Scouts of the World Discovery held in June 2009 was an attempt to motivate youth members to discover issues of global development and take active steps in initiating plans of resolving such issues either on local or global basis.

Apart from soft skills training, a group of participants gathered leftovers from a food plaza or local restaurants as if these leftovers were their only source of food. Another group approached some non-Chinese residents in a neighborhood and discussed with them about their struggle for life in a Chinese dominating community. The overall feedback on the learning of the Discovery was impressive, as the participants had a better understanding of the issues and showed a strong passion for actions for change.

At the end of the Scouts of the World Discovery, participants initiated a package of service plans. It is expected that one or two proposals will be further explored and eventually become the first pilot service project of the Scouts of the World Award.

The participants had the following comments:

“Thank you to the organisers of the SW Discovery. Now we're ready to tackle the global problems we've discovered.” - Desmond Cheung, 17th Kowloon Group.

“It is helpful that it can gather the Scouts who are ready to improve the world on the basis of Millennium Development Goals. This is a good platform for us to prepare ourselves. The workshop provides related information and communication skills training; and help building team-spirit among Scouts. It encourages us to get on the starting line of SWA.” - Edward Tsang, 18th Shap Pat Heung Group.

“We've been underestimating a lot of things, including the gravity of problems like poverty and hunger, and what we can do to help bettering the world. As part of the pilot programme, I hope that we could light up the first spark in Hong Kong.” - Lai Chun Fai, 17th Kowloon Group.

This article was prepared by Brenda Wong from Hong Kong. The photos were produced by The Scout Association of Hong Kong.

For more information on how to obtain the Scouts of the World Award visit: www.scoutsoftheworld.net.

Share your Scouts of the World activities with the World Scout Bureau by emailing Andres Morales, Unit Manager Adolescents & Young Adults.

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