Another successful Regional Communication Forum

The 3rd Regional Communication Forum took place in the Scout Centre of Krasnokamenka, Ukraine from 3rd to 5th June. Seven, out of the eight countries in the Eurasia region, were present. The goal of this event was to support National Scout Organisations in establishing and implementing their communication strategies as to contribute to the growth of the Movement.

Participants coming from Russia; Ukraine; Kazakhstan; Moldova; Azerbaijan; Georgia and Armenia were trained on various issues concerning communication.

Eurasian Regional Director, Iurie Emilian, making the opening speech

During the first day, they had the occasion to express their expectations and to debate and exchange on various topics. The Forum provided answers to subjects such as: World Scouting』s Cause, Image and Brand, how to define the right media for the right target, how better communication can stimulate growth and how to adapt WOSM』s communication strategy at the national level.

The second day was spent doing practical exercises based on real events. In groups, the participants were asked to build the communication plan of the 2nd regional Jamboree that will take place in Orhei, Moldova from the 21st to 30th July. During this exercise, they learnt how to create a communication matrix, define and use key messages based on the event』s motto 「Together in scouting, together for peace!」, find a good hook and write a press release for one 「Communication Theme」 and one 「Target Group」 in the communication matrix, and finally, define a media package to be delivered with the press release.

This day was quiet intensive. 「I was really surprised to find out that so much information could be so easy to assimilate」, said Marianna from Moldova.

Interview exercise

The last day, each group had to train their representative for an interview based on their press release. This was the funniest part of the training. All interviews were recorded so that the participants were able to see how they look on a big screen and learn how to adapt their image and their message for that kind of media. The afternoon was mainly spent on building the communication strategy of each NSO and for the Eurasia Region. 「I see a real advantage in being able to use this knowledge and experience in my country」 said Revaz from Georgia.

The satisfaction survey ran at the end of the forum revealed the best level of satisfaction and the highest level of recommendation. 100% of the participants would recommend this training to a colleague or friend in Scouting.

The next Regional Communication Forum will be taking place in Argentina from 17th to 20th June for the Spanish speaking countries in Interamerican region.

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