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Volvo Adventure Supports Scouting Environment Projects

Scouting has many strong examples of youth-led environment projects from around the world which demonstrate how Scouts are contributing in practical ways to 'Creating a Better World'. Volvo Adventure recognises environmental projects conducted by 13 to 16 year olds from around the world and are opening a special opportunity for Scouts to receive help in preparing and delivering their environment projects. Could you be the next Scouts to make it to the international final in Sweden, competing with groups from around the world for the top prizes?

To help you, we have provided some education packs suggesting ways to devise a project and get the results that could make you a finalist. To do this we know that many of you will require time to develop and measure the results of your projects; we are offering free support to help you along the way.

This free support includes:

  • More time to develop your project and show results - you have until January 31st 2011 to complete and submit your project.
  • Access to project packs and materials to help establish an environmental project and undertake research that can help you measure your success.
  • Producing ongoing project planning materials with activities provided free to all registered groups that will help you to develop your project from start to finish.
  • We can also offer you a mid-point review of your project by a shortlisting judge if you want one – we will send a reminder in a newsletter when this is available.

The competition is open to young people around the world aged between 13 and 16 years. Teams must consist of between two to five young people with one adult as supervisor. Projects can focus on any environmental subject that young people have found interesting and will be published on the Volvo Adventure website, where the best projects are selected for the international final - an all-expenses-paid trip to Sweden.

We are also offering an exclusive competition for Scouts groups, in which we're looking for the best Scouting environmental projects for the big Volvo Adventure. The winners of this special Scouts competition will be shortlisted for the Volvo Adventure final in 2011. See other examples of Scouts who have experienced the fun and adventure at the Volvo Adventure finals here.
All you have to do is REGISTER via the link below, then LOGON and you will be able to download resources and ensure you receive our updates that include newsletters, activities and tips for developing a local Scouts project.

We have also provided a series of downloadable activities, guides and ideas for Scouts, these include:

Guides - – The Beginners GuideThe Guide to Judging - The Submission Tool User Guide

Activity WorkbooksBiodiversity WorkbookEnergy WorkbookWaste Workbook - Water WorkbookTransport Workbook - Consumption Reduction Workbook

For more information see:




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