CNV in Sri Lanka: an image-building opportunity

On the occasion of the Committee NSO Visit (CNV) to Sri Lanka, thousands of Scouts and their parents filled up both sides of Colombo's main street in a festive 15-minute walk, accompanied by a Scout band, towards Sasakawa Hall for the opening ceremony. While walking, Scouts held banners on environmental and peace interventions, as well as to draw attention to the Scout Promise and Law.

Later on, the regional team and key leaders of Sri Lanka Scout Association had the formal CNV from 17th to 19th January 2010 at the Galle Face Hotel in Colombo. Sri Lanka Scout Commissioners presented reports on key performance areas. They were well-prepared and had a good grasp of the discussion points to improve the effectiveness of the association. This led to the signing of a commitment to help the association grow and function with greater efficiency.

Part of the visit was a dialogue with Sri Lankan young people where they discussed a variety of issues and to share their aspiration of having more international opportunities inside the country and to bring Scouting deeper to rural communities.
Through a press conference, the CNV team faced the media, many of whom were accomplished Scouts, to explain the purpose of the visit and to engage their support.
Chief Commissioner Chandrasena Batuwangala headed the Sri Lankan team. The visiting team comprised of Regional Scout Committee (RSC) Vice-Chairmen Dr Mohd Mukhyuddin and Prakorb Mukura, RSC member Dr Chao Shou-Po, APR consultant Mohammed Ali Khalid, Regional Director Abdullah Rasheed and Director Thian Hiong-Boon of APR Office.



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