Pakistan appoints new Chief Commissioner

Despite Pakistan facing several challenges daily on national security issues, Scouting activities remain alive in recent months in this country. In fact, on 20th October 2009, the National Scout Council of Pakistan Boy Scouts Association (PBSA) elected Lt Gen Syed Parwez Shahid (Retd), as the new Chief Commissioner of PBSA. Also, in this election, all vacant positions of Commissioners were all filled in.

Before the election, the National Scout Council had a long process convening as they had to strictly follow the rules of the organization where it requires the holding of the provincial Scout council meetings prior to the national council meetings. Due to the security issues prevailing, three of the provinces could not hold their provincial council meetings.

In August of this year, PBSA organized an impressive special ceremony at the National Headquarters in the presence of the Chief Scout and President of Pakistan Asif Ali Zardari receiving good media coverage in broadcast and in print. The event was attended by a large number of Scouts and Scout Leaders, ministers and other VIPs. On this occasion, the Chief Scout made a historical announcements to award 10 marks to every Scout in his final school certificate, including a donation of 20 million rupees, a swimming pool, a dining hall and additional land for expansion of the well-known Scouts College in Batrasi.

Presently, PBSA sent five young people to the 6th APR Scout Youth Forum which opens today, 22nd October 2009, in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. In November this year, PBSA will send a total of 20 young people (boys and girls) in the 7th South Asia Friendship Camp to be held in New Delhi, India.



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