Tuesday 08 December 2009

United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP15): Scouting present to say it is part of the solution.

Copenhagen- 7 December 2009, marked the start of the worlds most important and anticipated United Nations Climate Change Conference. COP15 was opened by the Danish Prime Minister Lars Rasmussen who set the tone and stakes of the conference which are to set a strong, ambitious, just, equitable, effective, operational, exclusive and transparent agreement at the end of the two week period.

World Scouting recognizing that the environment plays a key role in the education of youth in the Movement and to the world at large, has sent a delegation to Copenhagen with a clear message: Climate Change: Scouts are part of the solution.

Climate change is the world's biggest environmental challenge. It will affect the young people of today and future generations. Scouting develops young people to be good citizens able to play a constructive role in society, with the vision of 'Creating a Better World'. It is essential that everyone contributes to the challenge of climate change and we are committed to ensuring that Scouts are part of the solution.

  • The World Organization of the Scout Movement (WOSM) is the world's biggest youth movement with over 30 million members in 160 countries.
  • Scouts have over 100 years of experience in connecting young people to nature and taking responsibility for the environment.
  • Scouts tackle environmental challenges from the local community to global initiatives.
  • Scouting prepares today's youth to be leaders in combating climate change.

Whilst no-one is immune to the affects of climate change, it is expected that those most strongly affected will be poorer populations. Scout organizations across the world and especially in Africa, Asia and South America are prepared to assist with mitigation and adaptation efforts in these locations. With over 30 million Scouts worldwide in 160 countries WOSM believes that Scouts can have a global impact on Climate Change.

The WOSM delegation, with a total of 12 delegates, is looking forward to making the most of this opportunity to promote the actions of Scouts worldwide in combating climate change.

For more pictures, please visit WOSM's COP15 Picture Gallery.

For more information on the World Scout Environment Programme please see the environment section of the World Scouting Website.

Watch below the film "Please Help the World" from the opening ceremony of the United Nations Climate Change Conference. Shown on December 7, 2009 at COP15.



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